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Mobile computing will dominate your future — are you ready for it?

Remember all the years I’ve said every small business MUST have a website? It’s still true, except now that’s not enough. Today you also have to be ready for the mobile customer.

Once only wizards and fairies had magic wands. But in The Age of the Customer, hundreds of millions of Earthlings now have one in the palm of their hands. Here are the U.S. numbers:

According to Statista, this year over 180 million Americans will own a smartphone, and that number will grow by 10% to almost 200 million in 2016. That’s just about every American between the ages of 16 and 80. Here’s another way to say that: Essentially all of your prospects and customers.

In a recent online poll we took of our audience, slightly more than half either had a mobile site or were acquiring one. Good for them. But that means almost half didn’t and had no plans.

technology-512210_1280Tough love alert: If your business isn’t ready for mobile primetime, it’s a dinosaur waiting to become extinct. Any questions? But there’s good news: You can avoid death-by-mobile in less than a month. Stay with me.

Where we once converted our analog lives to the online digital world with a personal computer, the shift is now to the small screen of the smartphone. And we’re integrating these new light sabers into our lives and businesses even more than the PC including, but by all means not limited to:

  • Download and use productive and fun apps
  • Read newspapers - even books
  • Navigate on foot and wheels
  • Record and share our lives with photos and video
  • Connect to others on social media
  • Shop for, buy and pay for stuff

You can get ready for mobile customers with these two steps:

1.  Hire someone to help you get your online information optimized for local search. This is important for a comprehensive online strategy, but mandatory for mobile primetime. Mobile users are often literally trying to find your business.

2.  Hire someone to build a mobile site (might not be the same person as #1). When your URL is requested from a smartphone, the mobile site presents automatically with your regular website offerings netted out and with fewer graphics for the smaller screen - form follows function. Mobile sites cost less than mobile apps to create, update and maintain, and a mobile site icon looks just like a mobile app. Most small businesses don’t need a mobile app.

Here’s that good news I promised: You can complete these two tasks in a month. How much will it cost? Not as much as you think, but that’s not the question. How much will it cost if you don’t get ready for mobile primetime?

Write this on a rock … Mobile computing wasn’t any part of your past, but it will dominate your future.

Jim Blasingame is the author of the award-winning book, “The Age of the Customer: Prepare for the Moment of Relevance.”

VIDEO: Your future business success is tied to mobile

Your small business success is tied to mobile. In this New Age of the Customer®, it’s more important than ever to prepare for the moment of relevance.

Your future success is tied to mobile from Jim Blasingame on Vimeo.

SBA Poll: Is your social media strategy justifying the investment?

The Question:
Are the results of your social media strategy justifying the time and investment?

16% - Yes, we’re using social media very effectively.

48% - Not yet, but we believe it will eventually be justified.

21% - No, and we’ve discontinued our social media efforts.

15% - We never started because we couldn’t see how it would produce sales.

My Comments:
As you can see, only 16% of our respondents are happy with their social media effort. Almost half are not there, but still hopeful. But more than a third have either stopped trying or never started.

Social media is fall-off-a-log easy for individuals. But for a business, where investment of time and capital are measured against performance, social media is more complicated. One example is that selling in an online community is a lot different from selling in the traditional marketplace.

I’m going to explain more about this difference in the Feature Article next week. Stay tuned, and thanks for participating.


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SBA Poll: Do you have a mobile site?

The Question:
Do you have a mobile website (or mobile app) for your small business?

30% - We have both: regular and a mobile site.

61% - We have a regular website, but not a mobile one.

3% - We don’t have either one but are working on getting them.

6% - We don’t want a regular or a mobile website.

My Comments:
I was pretty happy to see that less than 10% of the small business owners who hang out with us do not have a website of any kind. A 91% website ownership rate is a very good sign. And believe it or not, a 30% response of mobile site ownership is also very good.

Here are two things to remember about whether to have a mobile website: 1) More and more of your prospects and customers are going to want to find you with a smartphone; 2) None of your past was about mobile computing, but all of your future will be.

Good job, folks. And thanks for your response.


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SBA Poll: Do you have a smartphone?

The Question:
How will the news that it now costs the same to make a smartphone as a plain cell phone impact you?

85% - No impact - I already have a smartphone.

10% - I don’t have a smartphone but my next one will be.

5% - I don’t have a smartphone and don’t want one.

My Comments:
Two years ago in our online poll we asked our audience about their smartphone adoption and learned that just over half, 53%, had one, with the rest still using a dumb phone. As you can see, the smartphone adoption rate for small business owners has accelerated since then, with 95% of our new sample either owning a smartphone or obviously waiting until their next upgrade to get one.

This is good news because it’s important for small business owners to at least adopt technology at the pace of their customers. Remember this: Mobile computing was not part of your business’s past, but it will dominate your business’s future.

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Video - Are you an Internet dynamo or a dinosaur?

In this week’s video I offer advice on executing an online strategy within your small business.

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